CM - Terrazzo Seamless Patterns 2430234
CM - Terrazzo Seamless Patterns 2430234


If so, this collection is just for you! There are included 16 beautiful terrazzo seamless patterns in colored, black, and white versions for a total of 48 patterns.
Vector sources are well organized, layered and grouped so you can change colors and move particles with ease creating new terrazzo patterns in just a few clicks. Creative possibilities are endless!
You can use them for creating a huge variety of amazing artworks like posters, art prints, flyers, postcards, invitations, stationery, business cards, branding kits, web elements, blog design, book covers, fabric prints, tees and so on..
  • 1 Vector AI with 16 seamless patterns (one for each layer)
  • 1 Vector EPS with 16 seamless patterns (one for each layer)
  • 1 Vector AI Swatch with 16 seamless patterns located in the swatches panel
  • 1 PAT (Photoshop patterns format) with 16 seamless patterns
  • 16 JPG @300dpi 4000x4000px
  • 1 Vector AI with 16 seamless patterns (one for each layer)
  • 1 Vector EPS with 16 seamless patterns (one for each layer)
  • 1 Vector AI Swatch with 32 seamless patterns (16 black + 16 white) located in the swatches panel
  • 1 PAT (Photoshop patterns format) with 32 seamless patterns, 16 black + 16 white
  • 32 PNG with transparent background (16 black + 16 white) @300dpi 4000x4000px
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CM - Wedding Foliage Design Set 2378863


Wedding Watercolor Foliage Design Set
The Watercolor Foliage Design Set is a collection of leafy watercolor seamless patterns, wreaths and frames. This pack can be used in wedding design suites, social media template backgrounds, packaging and textile designs. With a variety of file types such as JPG or PNG this watercolor design set is ready to use.
What is inside the Design Set?
The Watercolor Foliage Design Set includes:
  • seamless patterns x10, in [email protected] 300 PPI and PAT files
  • wreaths x10, in PNG file format @ 300 PPI
  • frames x4,in PNG file format @ 300 PPI
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CM - 10 Vector Stippled Seamless Patterns 1620610


  • EPS10 – 4 vector files in different colors with patterns in 'Swatches' panel and expanded in separate 10 layers
  • PNG – 40 high quality files, 10 patterns in 4 color variations, 5000x5000px
  • TRANSPARENT PNG – 10 high quality files, 5000x5000px
  • PAT – 5 files, 4 in different color variations, 1 with transparent background, scale up to 5000x5000px
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CM - Seamless Fashion III 4 Pattern Set 2301292


Bright, feminine and fashion forward. That's what these cute patterns say all over. There are four (4) seamless geometric patterns in this set in shades of soft pastel pinks and blues with black and rose gold embellishments.
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CM - Seamless Fineliner 22 Vectors 2278907


Bold and clean, this set of seamless geometric fine line patterns has got the lot! Multiple formats, excessive options and the flexibility to customise colour schemes makes this set the ultimate pattern kit.
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CM - Joyous Watercolor Design Kit 2254968


Joyous Watercolor Design Kit- I have been itching to pull out my watercolor and experiment with different florals and more "watery" techniques. This pack contains some of my favorite watercolor clip art that I will be using for bridal shower invitations, prints, wallpapers and even wrapping paper. There are tons of arrangements, color options, and styles that can be achieved with this pack, and I can't wait to show you some branding options that can be achieved with pack as well.
This design kit includes:
  • 4 repeating pattern designs in PSD .PAT files
  • 7 floral arrangements
  • 5 frames
  • 7 individual floral elements
  • and 32 leaves, stems and laurels
These graphics are compatible with most graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These graphics can not be used to be sold ‘as is’ or as clip art. The end product must be fully rendered and templates can not be given or sold where the clip art is adjustable or editable. If you have any questions please contact me for any additional licensing questions. By purchasing this product you agree to the terms set forth in the licensing agreement here.
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CM - Snow Daze Vol. 2 Texture Pack 2225268


Baby it’s cold outside! I braved the cold and snow to get some fantastically frosty textures to warm up your art, design, and illustration work! These are all photos of snow/ice on various surfaces that I have braved the near zero temps to take then processed into cool textures for you! There are 21 high resolution textures in all. Files are either 4032 x 3024px or 3024 x 4032px at 300 dpi.
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CM - Geometric Fun 3 ~ 24 patterns 2102903


Set of 24 geometric patterns + 6 poster templates in Scandinavian style, suitable for your website, blog, invitation, flyer, poster, apparel, packaging,...
All patterns are seamless, but they also work great as you combine them in your design.
  • illustrator CC + CS5 files, including 6 poster designs in various color themes ~ all colors are global swatches, so easy te recolor
  • illustrator CC + CS5 pattern swatches files in various color themes
  • 2 x 24 photoshop pattern sets: blue/pink/yellow & purple/green/gold
  • 2 x 24 PNG's (5000 x 5000 px) with pattern allover
  • link to the free font used in the posters
  • mock-ups are NOT included
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CM - 10 Food Photography Patterns 2007311


These tileable patterns are perfect to give your print designs or website backgrounds a fresh look! The pack includes 3 sizes (500,1000 and 200px), each as PNG and Photoshop Patterns. To give you the best customizability, there's also a transparent version of every pattern, so you can simply put them on the color or texture you like better.
  • 10 Unique Patterns
  • 3 Sizes (500x500px | 1000x1000px | 2000x2000px)
  • Colored and Transparent Versions
  • PNG & Photoshop Pattern Files
  • Seamless / Tileable
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CM - Seamless 3D Wood Patterns & Textures 1963227


3D Wood Patterns & Textures for Photoshop
"This incredible layer style applies realistic wood patterns & textures to your work and backgrounds in just a click. Much better than a standard texture!"
Inside this download you'll find 10 unique wood patterns for Photoshop. Each pattern features a different texture, model style & colour and repeats seamlessly along both the X & Y axis.
We've worked hard to make these patterns as realistic as possible. Drop these patterns into any design and you won't be able to tell what's real wood and what's not. Ideal for use on designs for both the screen and print
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CM - Seamless Silk/Satin Fabric Patterns 2004179


3D Silk / Satin Fabric Patterns for Adobe Photoshop
"Add realistic fabric patterns to your design work in just a click with these 100% seamless patterns for Photoshop"
I love using fabric textures in the backgrounds of my work. In today's world minimal design styles, utilising 3D textures can provide a gorgeous contrast against flat design elements. I also love to use silk textures on the background of minimal flyer designs for luxury clubs and hotels, but finding the right silk texture can sometimes be a struggle.
Luckily, these 100% seamless silk / satin fabric patterns are far more powerful than any old silk texture or photograph. The fact that they can scale seamlessly on both the X & Y axis makes them perfect for use in backgrounds, no matter the size.
Likewise, should you want to use these patterns in a poster, flyer, door hanger and banner, you can rest assured knowing the pattern will scale seamlessly across all your designs.
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CM - 3D Patterns Matte Black Edition 1956517


"Create deep atmospheric backgrounds in just a click with these hyperrealistic & 100% seamless patterns for Photoshop"
I find that when I use 3D patterns in my own work, typically I use them as backgrounds or borders; adding contrast against an overall flat design style.
The preview image of this item is a prime example, with the dark 3D texture of the background pattern infusing the design with depth and atmospheric energy; ideal contrast against the clean white text.
The most incredible thing about these patterns is that you can achieve this atmospheric energy in just a click. They're 100% seamless Photoshop patterns. Simply add them to your work as a Layer Style and you're good to go.
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CM - Christmas watercolor 1865967


Do you believe in magic? I definitely believe) And my Christmas illustrations will help you create creative, interesting and cool projects. journaling, scrapbooking, handmade Christmas cards, wall art, decor, blog design, posters, branding etc. gifts to relatives and friends, clients and subordinates. Mugs, T-shirts, scarves, pillows, posters and postcards, magnets and bags. Try not to forget anyone, because Christmas is the most magical holiday of all!
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CM - Glitter Texture & Pattern Pack 1792648
This is volume three of a collection of high resolution glitter textures and patterns. This pack includes 16 PNG color textures at 2500x3500px and a Photoshop PAT file with 16 seamless high resolution patterns. That's a total of 32 pieces of glitter goodness!
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CM - Songbirds graphic collection 1772001
It is with great joy that we present you the new collection of vector illustrations and vector patterns dedicated to songbirds and their natural environment.
Key elements of the set:
  • 10 superbly detailed vector songbirds
  • 4 vector illustrations with songbirds
  • 6 vector wreaths
  • 33 additional vector graphic elements (leaves, twigs, flowers, nuts, butterflies)
  • 30 vector patterns (15 monochrome and 15 color variations)
  • What was done!
We've painted 10 variations of songbirds. All birds are superbly detailed and painted with great love. In addition to the birds, we've painted 33 wonderful vector objects (leaves, twigs, flowers, nuts, butterflies, wreaths and so on), which you can easily mix and match with each other to get truly unique images. The set also includes 5 wreaths. You can easily combine wreaths with images of birds or with any other objects from this collection.
Specially for this collection we have prepared 30 patterns: 15 basic monochrome ones and 15 carefully selected original color variations. You can also create your own color variations of the patterns, which basically makes it possible to create an infinite number of them.
The scope of application of this set is enormous and is only limited by your imagination: postcards, invitation and congratulation cards, posters and stickers, cases and mugs, T-shirts and caps, kids clothing, any printed materials, hand-made and DIY projects, web-design, and a lot of other things.
And now let's sum up and see what files exactly you'll get:
  • 10 vector songbirds (1 AI file 4650x4300 px, 1 EPS file 4650x4300 px, 10 PNG)
  • 4 vector illustrations (1 AI file 4000x3100 px, 1 EPS file 4000x3100 px, 4 PNG files)
  • 6 vector wreaths (1 AI file 4660x2370 px, 1 EPS file 4660x2370 px, 6 PNG files)
  • 33 vector graphic elements (1 AI file 6400x4600 px, 1 EPS file 6400x4600 px, 33 PNG files)
  • 30 vector patterns (30 AI files 700x700 px, 30 EPS files 700x700 px, 30 PNG files 2917x2917 px, 30 JPG files 2917x2917)
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